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    Today, government to government and government to business information management poses many obstacles for the Real Property community, particularly in construction related projects. In any industry where the pressure to deliver faster, better cheaper is more prevalent now than ever, government to government and government to business collaboration is essential. Today collaboration occurs both within and across organizational boundaries, and often includes team members with time and geographic differences, as well as different specialization's and responsibilities.

    To provide clients with a roadmap on how to best implement client server and /or web based technologies that would cost effectively manage Tombstone and current Project Information, Project Delivery, Asset, Facilities and Maintenance management.

  3. GOAL:
    Ensure recommendations remain consistent with the organisations objectives and strategies and integrate effectively with the organisations planning, budgeting and control processes.

    Consider and recommend possible options and the potential benefits to be derived.

  4. SCOPE:
    Current State Assessment
    Evaluates the existing processes and is vital in order to make accurate and detailed recommendations to decision-makers. Allows the gathering of indispensable information to elaborate an analysis of needs in support of the strategic plan recommendations.

    Consists of interviewing various users in order to gather key information and will illustrate the problems and improvements identified by the users (productivity, efficiency). The various departments involved in these critical processes must be targeted.

    Needs and Processes Analysis:
    Business, computing, and procedures need to be analyzed without loosing perspective on a key element: the human factor. While analyzing the needs and procedures, it is imperative to understand the complete management lifecycle of the processes.

    Looks at the relationship of the business processes and needs of different people at different levels.

    Strategic Planning

    Provide a recommended approach to the integration of new technologies and methodologies, and considers their integration with existing business processes and procedures.

    Systems Architecture

    An organization wishing to ensure a coherent and evolutionary IM/IT system closely related to its own needs and business processes must first establish an architecture that can evolve and allow flexibility towards future technological changes.

    Identifies the hardware software issues related to new information management technologies recommended.




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